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What are activated nuts and seeds?

Activated nuts and seeds, are raw products that have been soaked and then dehydrated.  This process, known as ‘activation,’ helps remove any natural inhibitors that can prevent us from absorbing valuable nutrients and puts a strain on our digestive system.

What is the activated process?

Activating nuts is an ancient practice that required the soaking of nuts and seeds in brine and letting them dry in the sun. Today, while our methods and technology have improved, the aim remains the same – make them easier to digest and allow us benefit from these nutritious snacks.

Under the Earth’s Bounty Activation process, our nuts and seeds are soaked in filtered water with just the right amount of salt to activate the sprouting process, they are then gently dehydrated and packed.

Soaking mimics the germination process, which breaks down natural inhibitors. Dehydrating stops the sprouting process at the optimal time for digestive health.

We call this releasing the goodness.

What are the benefits of eating activated nuts and seeds?

Nuts and seeds are a fantastic healthy snack, however, they also contain small amounts of natural inhibitors that our body is unable to break down.  Eating large amounts could put a strain on our digestive systems, causing feelings of heaviness.

Through activation our bodies can maximise the benefits of these nutritious, convenient and great tasting snacks!

Available at Woolworths and selected retailers.